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Stop by Pro Auto & Truck Service where you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff of highly trained professionals who will treat you like family! Try us because of our impeccable reputation…Come back because of our friendly service, quality repairs, and affordable prices.

*Completing routine service and maintenance is vital to keeping your car, truck, or SUV running strong.




A rule that is commonly held is as follows: you need to replace your motor oil after 3,000 miles. Even though several automobiles can do up to 6,000 miles without changing the motor oil and filter; you have to beware of proceeding to do so if you drive, commute or tow more than the national average or often drive on dirt roads. Without sufficient motor oil, engine components may collide resulting in sudden engine failure or other critical damage being done to the combustion or diesel engine.




To work efficiently, your car's engine needs the ingredients for combustion to be delivered in the purest form possible. To this end your engine contains a number of filters which keep everything nice and clean. Pro Auto & Truck Service engine thorough maintenance keeps check on your air, oil, and fuel filters, replacing them as needed to keep your car running at its highest efficiency.




Maintaining proper coolant fluids is just as important as maintaining proper motor oil levels. If your thermostat gauge is in the upper range, seems not to be working at all or you smell burning fluids; then it’s time to get your vehicle into Pro Auto & Truck Service so that we can preserve, or if need be, restore the coolant system.

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